Sunday, August 31, 2008

One more day!

Well tomorrow is my last day before I head back to work. I am super excited, we got a newer bus. I went to see and drive my bus on Thursday, and I love my new bus. It is much roomier and nicer and cleaner and runs better then my old bus. I got the kids seats belted in and ready to go, my assigned seats are hanging ready for the little ones, all my pictures are up and looking great! I am sooooo excited, it will be so great once we are back on track. I also picked up an extra run a couple days a week, so that will not only pay more, it will give us less idle time to do nothing. We will keep busy, busy, busy.

We had a yard sale yesterday! It was great. We sold all of the clunky, big stuff that we were storing, which was great. We sold our old travel system to the absolute nicest amish girl, her name was Rachel. She was such a sweetheart. I offered to drop it off at her house, considering she was riding a scooter. We went there and she stood and chatted for a good ten minutes. She was young, but already had a couple kids. She lived right outside of town. I was very happy to meet her. We sold a lot of stuff, not so much baby clothes, which I was hoping for, but we sold everything else, so we just gave our baby clothes to other people who may need them. We gave all the newborn to 3 month clothes to our friends Matt and Holly. Their little Bethany was born like 2 weeks ago, and she is such a little peanut. They didn't know it was a girl, so she is still wearing all the yellow and green, until now, we gave them nothing but pink and purple. I know they are grateful, and appreciate out thoughtfulness.

Today we are going to a picnic for one of TJ's friends. Well we are all social, but only because of TJ and Ryan. They just had their second son on July 8. He is such a cutie in all the pictures, I can't wait to meet him in person. We have gifts for them, and we don't get to see them that often, so it should be a blast. Their first son is the same age as Emily, and I think they should play well together. We'll see......

I think that is all for now. I will try to post later.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

5 More Days!

It's been a couple days, but not much has been going on. I have had some really good days with my sister and brother. We went shopping yesterday, the mall, Old Navy, Dick's, PetSmart. We had a blast, except pushing 4 kids around in strollers was fun. Older people just don't have the patience or courtesy to deal with strollers. We were ran into, cut off, cursed at, just because we had strollers. Wow, I didn't realize how rude people can be.

Tomorrow I get to see my bus, drive around, get my stuff situated. I can't wait. I think I got a newer bus this year, which is a big step compared to what I had last year. I am sooooo excited, I can't wait to go back to work. The normalcy, the money, the routine, the busy-ness ( I don't even know if that is a word). I need to get back to normal and make some money. I know I mention money all the time, but when you don't have any, it seems to constantly be on your mind. At least we will be ready for next summer. It certainly was a shock this summer. We will survive and overcome, I know we will. I just have to really get disciplined with money, and I have always had a problem with that.

We are starting to think about buying a house. Next year we will have a lot paid off, it should save us about $900 to $1200 a month in bills. We have a couple mistakes we made a while ago, and now we are paying our dues. We will have half that by March, and the other half by October of next year. We have TJ's 401k that he is now full vested and can take a hardship withdrawal, so we can afford to buy a house. We can afford a mortgage right now, we just can't come up with a down payment or closing costs. If we use his 401k we will have that, plus some to pay off some other stuff. Hopefully we will be looking seriously by spring. I hope so, I need to get out of this apartment, I need a yard, a driveway, I just need a change.

Well, it's that time, gotta get dinner cooking, my hubby will be home any minute. Amazing how much I look forward to seeing him at the end of a work day. I love him so much!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Big Girl!

My baby girl is wearing big girl panties and goes on the big girl potty. I am so proud of her, considering she had no interest about 2 weeks ago. She still has some accidents, and she won't go #2 on the potty, but I will take anything right now. In the past three days, we have only used a total of six diapers, compared to the average 6 a day. I am so proud of her, I am trying to think of something really fun and exciting to do for a present. She obviously doesn't sleep without a diaper and she has been so tired the last couple days she has taken a nap, that is it. It is kinda bittersweet, I can't beleive my little girl is potty training.

And my baby boy.... he is so big already, I feel like the past three months flew. Can you beleive he is already eating fruits and veggies, and he eats them well! He is such a happy baby, he smiles from the time he wakes, till he falls asleep. I still can't beleive I am a mommy of two, and how fast the time flies when you have kids. My heart is so full, I couldn't ask for a better life right now, maybe more money! LOL!

My parents bought a new motorcycle. I am so happy for them. The smile on my dads face was priceless. I think their love for the motorcycle has helped them with their relationship. I am jealous, I wish I could love it as much as my mom does. I just can't get into it like that. I am just not meant to be a Harley Chick, like my mom. Don't get me wrong, I love spending time with my husband, but riding on the back of his bike for hours on end, it just doesn't appeal to me. I will do it occasionally, which will become a lot less now with two kids. When TJ rides his bike that is my time to hang with my sisters, or just clean and veg at home and his time to be him and do something he loves.

Gotta go, potty time!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's been awhile!

The last time I posted, we were getting ready to leave for the beach, and now we are ending our vacation, and TJ goes back to work. The beach was fun, we had to jump a couple hurdles to get there, but it was good. We were pulled over by state police on the way down, he let us go on a warning. I forgot a whole suitcase in PA. We just went to Walmart and replaced the necessaties. Saturday and Sunday, I had somekind of infection in my eye. I don't think it was pink eye, but it was really red, it didn't itch though. I know it sounds horrific, but it really was a good trip. We are going to do it again next year. I know we said we weren't but that is the only thing we do all year, and Emily loved it, and I am sure Colin will love it next year. Emily had so much fun, at the beach, on the boards, on the rides and eating ice cream. She had ice cream everyday, which is not the norm for us. She loved it all. We got the old time photos done with all the kids. My mom wanted one of all six grandkids, and we each wanted individuals with our kids. They turned out great. All the kids did great, and the photographer was excellent. He was so awsome with all the kids. We came home on Tuesday, which worked so great for everyone. TJ was still on vacation, although he is working a side job today. We have just enjoyed his time off, and beleive me, I have enjoyed it the most. He has been such a help with the kiddos. He has changed just about all diapers, helped with bath time. It has been so wonderful having him home, I am so sad it is almost over. The kids have been going to bed at 8:30, so we have been snuggling on the sofa till late, watching tv, or just talking. We have been making late-night snacks and just enjoying each other. I am soooo going to miss that when we all go back to work. Yesterday we spent the whole day at Jenn's. We were cutting corn to freeze. That was actually pretty fun. She does it every year, this is the first time I helped. It was pretty easy, once you got the hang of it. Now it will freeze, and we can steal a bag whenever we want. It really was just a good reason to get Emily out of the house to play. On Thursday we stopped by Harrison House to see his great grandmother. God bless her, she is 97 years old, and still acts like shes 70. She was having a really good day, which aren't so often now. TJ was very pleased with the visit, which he usually leaves visits really down. She looks great, she remembered us, and she was up and about. I was so glad TJ saw her like that. I fear the if she should pass soon, he will have a bad vision of her in his head. I think he really needed to see her like that. She got to see both kids, which is my goal, I want Emily to know who she is, and she finally does.

What now..... Well TJ goes back to work on Monday. We go back to work next Tuesday. I can't wait. I got my run, and it is great, all the same kids. I am so excited to see everyone. This week will be pretty uneventful, until the end. I have no plans for Mon-Wed. So I will probably hang out at home or at Jenn's. Oh wait.... Monday we will be getting up really early to see Jacob off to his first day of kindergarten. I am so excited for him, he already met his teacher, and he is so excited. So Monday will be fun, we will also go see him off the bus. So Tues & Wed, are going to be pretty slow. Then on Thursday, I have to go to my bus, put my car seats in, get it ready for the first day of school, check over for any damage (yay, I got a new bus this year) and do a dry run to make sure I know where I am going. Then that afternoon, I have to go to my Elementary School to meet and greet all my students and their families. This will be so great, everyone has been waiting to meet the baby. I don't even think they know his name yet. It will really be nice to actually talk to some of the parents, rather then have to rush off. Then Friday and Sat are again uneventful. Sunday we have a picnic/ baptism picnic to go to for our friends. Well we are not really friends, our husbands are. Their little guy is about 5 weeks younger then Colin, and their older son is about 6 weeks behind Emily. It is really cool. We have gifts for them, and have been trying to set something up, and now we are finally going to see them.

OK I think I have rambled enough. I haven't blogged in a week, and you can tell. I am sure I will have more to say soon!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday.... again!

We leave for the beach tomorrow morning around 8ish. I can't wait. I am not all that excited to go to the beach, just over excited to spend quality time with my hubby and kids, all the while getting far away from home. We are going to have a good time, it just sucks preparing for a 4 day trip away, especiallly with 2 kids.

So I am sitting here waiting on my sister, we have some last minute errands to run before the beach. She is always late, for everything. I love her to death, she just seems to not tell time. I have been waiting for about an hour, maybe a little more, and still no sign of her. I totally understand though, she has 3 kids. I have a hard time being on time with just two, and hers are all old enough to hinder her. I know she is looking forward to Jake going to kindergarten this year, that means one more to go! I sure am going to miss him. He is such a lover, and I love being able to see him everyday on the bus, now I won't see him ever. I know Emily and Josh are going to miss him too. As much as they fight, they really do love each other.

I guess that is it for now. I thought if I got on here I could waste some time before she got here, but still no sign of her. I will post more when I get home from the beach!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hump Day!

TJ is going to be late tonight coming home from work. One of the guys that works with them for the summer is leaving next week, while we are on vacation, and they wanted to take him out for drinks. I think that is cool, and I don't mind, but darn it, when do I get to go for drinks. I know TJ wouldn't mind me going for drinks, I just don't have the time or the people. All the people I would love to have drinks with either live too far away or have kids or are pregnant. Maybe next summer! LOL!

I don't have much to say today, so this should be short. I am having major trouble sleeping for some reason. So last night I watched the whole broadcast of the Olympics. WOW, the Phelps guy, he is a bullet in the water. He is inspiring, his dertermination, his drive, his power. It is unbelievable to watch him. Now, the girls gymnastics, they are a different story. They were a big disappointment, I really thought they were going to go for gold, but they really botched that. I also watched the mens volleyball. I have always loved volleyball, and TJ used to play in a league, and I loved watching him. Those men are powerful. The one guy served a ball at 78mph. Who in the world would try to stop that, no wonder they are winning. I hope to watch again tonight after the kiddies are sleeping. Blues Clues is on now, and Emily is dancing and singing along. She does watch a lot of tv, but only shows she learns from, ie.. Blues Clues, Jack's Big Music Show, Max & Ruby, Franklin... etc. I know not all are major education, but Max & Ruby teaches her how to treat her little brother, and how to share. I really like that Noggin channel, and we love love love Moose & Zee and Chick & Fluff. I love all the music and dancing. We sing along all the time. OK that was totally off course.

I am going to end now, I think my dinner is burning and Blues Clues is over.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It is what it is!

Wow, I wish it was Saturday already. We are leaving for the beach then, and I really need that vacation. I miss my husband, and really need to spend time with him. He works so much to support us, and when he is not working he is spending much needed time with the kids. I am not complaining about him spending time with the kids, I just need some Molly and TJ time, without the kids. It just seems once we think they are both sleeping or napping, one wakes up or something else comes up. At the beach it will be strictly family time, and with my extended family there, we can get a small break if we need it. I am excited, yet sad that this will probably be the last year we go to the beach for awhile. It is just too much to get all the family together, with all the kids. It is wayyy toooo expensive, and we would much rather spend 4 or 5 days in the mountains, riding 4 wheeler or just relaxing. Going to the beach is just not relaxing with kids, especially toddlers. The constant worry of someone just picking your child up and rolling is just too much for me. I have a fear of someone taking my kids, and it gets worse at the beach. At the beach Emily has so many restrictions because of the amount of strangers and unknowns. At the mountains, there are no limits, no traffic, no strangers, it is just our family and the wilderness. She can run, run, run with no rules. The beach is just too much, and next year I will have two toddlers running around, NO WAY!

I just went grocery shopping and it disgusts me. The price of everything is sooooo high, it is ridiculous. I have just come to realize, we are and forever will be a $200 biweekly grocery bill. It is ridiculous. Between, diapers, formula, food, hygiene there is just no break. Walmart is not much of a price break, but Dutchway is way too expensive. I must say, Walmart wasn't too bad today. They got new carts, and surprisingly the cart with the extra seats in the front for the little ones was perfect for us. Emily did so well.

I bought a stroller on Ebay! I got it today, and I was so nervous, but it turned out great. We had been shopping for a while for a double stroller, which are so pricey. We finally decided to just borrow a friends when we needed one, until we decided to take a walk around town with Colin in the stroller for the first time (I carried him in a chest carrier, but he is now toooooo big and heavy). So when we put him in the stroller Emily had a tantrum because he was in her stroller. Needless to say, we had to put Emily in the umbrella stroller and Colin in the big stroller, and the TJ had the dog, it was a disaster. We ended up buying a Combi double in Turquoise. It is great, I am so happy with it. We are going for a walk tonight to test it out. I thought it was the bottom line Combi, but when I got the manual for it, I realized it is originally a $250 stroller, I got it for $100. I am so proud of myself, usually I would just buy the pricier one, not caring. Not this time, I did my research and waited for the right thing. I am so glad. I am getting a little better at my impulse shopping.

We went to mom and dad last night for dinner, that was fun as usual. It is usually great when all four kids get together, I think it becomes hectic at times with the spouses and kids. We had an ok time last night. TJ and I had a little tiff, as usual. We just can't seem to get along as well as normal when we are around my family. Last night was my fault and I admit it. I snapped at him about something so stupid, and I treated him not so good. I apologized to him, but I still don't think that was enough. I feel bad, and I hate when that happens. I hope we can have a great week next week while he is on vacation, I know we will. We pulled pollianna's for x-mas, and we are very pleased with who we got, Kelly and Jeff. They are easy to buy for!

Gotta go, Emily is now begging to take a bath, I know it is only 3:30, but she wants one, and I don't feel like arguing with her. It will save me time tonight at bedtime.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Both kids napping!

Don't ask how I did it, considering Emily does not usually nap, but I did. I talked Emily into a nap, she was up so early this morning because of the fire whistles, and TJ leaving for work. I tried to get her to go back to sleep this morning, but she wasn't having it. I told her that we were going to play with Grace and Evan today, she fought me for a little while, but she finally went to sleep. Colin, he is "joe cool", I had no problem with him. Of course I have both kids asleep, and TJ is still not home. He is helping another friend move a swing set, I thought he would be home by now. If he were home, I probably wouldn't be writing this post. I don't mind that he helps friends, but he hasn't been home since 6:30 this morning. I miss my husband. I can't wait until next Saturday. TJ starts his vacation, and we leave for the beach. We will be home on Tuesday, but Tj has the rest of the week off, so we are going to do a lot of family time. The kids really need to spend one on one with him. They are so tired of being with me. On Wednesday, after the beach, I have a meeting for my work, it is mandatory, so TJ will have the kids alone for about 3 hours. I know he can handle it, especially considering it is in the morning, so Colin will sleep most of the time, but that is good for TJ and Emily. I know I am rambling about nothing, but that is what I do more often than not.

My sisters texted me this morning. They both got new 4 wheelers. I am jealous, I don't want a 4 wheeler, but I want something new. I wish we weren't so tight on money, I would love to get TJ a 4 wheeler. I wish I could, but right now our priority it to find a better, bigger place to live. We are comfy here, and it works for us, but we need to upgrade. It is so hard, we pay so little rent, we are having a hard time swollowing higher rent or a mortgage for that matter. We love our landlord also, which make it hard to leave, but eventually we aren't going to fit in this apartment anymore, and we will have to move on. I would love to be in a new place by x-mas, but I know that is pretty far-fetched. We'll see, maybe.... keep your fingers crossed for us.

Well, I better go, we are having dinner with friends at 3, it's almost 2 and I still haven't gotten dressed, and TJ is still not home. This should be interesting!

Friday, August 8, 2008


It's finally Friday, not that means anything in my non working world. It does mean that TJ will be home all weekend, but not really, considering he works on Saturday morning, then right after work he is helping our friends move a swingset. So I won't see him until about 1, then we are having dinner with other friends at 3. We are excited to have dinner with them though, it is nice to talk to people who understand us, and TJ and Matt always have a good time. They both work so hard and it's nice to get them together.

Excuse me if I am scattered today. I have so many silly thoughts in my head. It's weird, the things you think about when you have no other adults to talk to. My first complaint is: How do you just fall out of love with your spouse? I don't understand that statement. My sister and I were talking about a few people we know, and we just don't understand it. My only thought is, they just didn't love in the first place. They may have thought they did, but there is no way you just one day fall out of love with the person you claimed you loved enough to commit your life to them. When I said "I do" it was forever, I just don't beleive in divorce. If that is what works for you fine, but not me. Granted, I have not been put in a situation, but I don't think there is anything that can't be worked out, with time and patience. That is one thing TJ and I agreed on before we even got engaged, Hence the 6 year wait. We waited to be sure it was right, and because we were so young, but in my opinion our age didn't matter. I couldn't imagine after being with TJ for so long, up and leaving, and starting over. Oh my, dating.... I never dated before. I have been with TJ since I was 16, I wouldn't know what to do on a date. Someone very close to me is kinda going through something now. She and her boyfriend just can't seem to agree on their future. They have been together for at least 8 years, and she just doesn't know what to do. They truly love each other, and you can see it! They just can't agree on certain things, that are important to one, but not the other. I hope they can work it out. I love both of them and would not want to lose him in our lives.I think they will, either way, I support any decision she should make.

Told ya... scattered. I just can't beleive how much money plays a part in life. I know everyone probably has this same issue. There is just never enough money. I want, want, want, but can't. It sucks. We have never really had an issue before. We have done pretty well for ourselves. Of course this is my first summer not working, and collecting. Well if you think it is great, IT'S NOT! Yeah, it's great being home with my babies, but I am bored. It's great not being on a stuffy bus in 100 degree weather, but I miss it. I am only making a third of my normal income, and it sucks. We have always been a two income family, and after 6 years of living together, I am not contributing my share. Mentally it is hard because I feel like I am not providing like I should be or have been. Emotionally it is hard because I feel so bad that TJ has to work his tushy off for us, while I am sitting at home. Financially, wow, it is a shocker. We are both counting down the days till I go back. Sept 2, can't come quick enough. It will all work out, it's just a matter of when?

One last gripe, the Tour de Christiana is on Sunday, and it pretty much shuts the town down. Of course, guess who live right in the middle of the race! Pick me!!!! We can't park at our house, if we want to leave town, we have to leave at 10am, and not anticipate returning until 6ish. If we don't want to leave we have to watch the race, which isn't bad, but the sound of the bikes wizzing by our house it bad. It's a really loud "Swish" with a lot of snapping and talking. Of course our windows are about 5 feet from the race, and we can hear it all day with or without the windows open. Of course the amount of people who come from near and far to watch or participate is incredible. Our little town fills up fast. I think Emily would enjoy it, and I know TJ likes it, it is just bothersome on a sunday afternoon. We won't be able to get our cars and park at our home until 7ish.

Well I better get off, I can't seem to make these things only a paragraph. Thank goodness, I spent 8 years at my last job mastering my typing skills. Emily is playing and Colin is sleeping. It's nice to vent and not have to waste someone else's time doing so!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Thursday!

Well last night started out rocky, but it ended on a good note. Sometimes I feel so guilty that I don't work and TJ does, and sometimes I think it bothers him. I try so hard to make it so he has to do nothing at night except, eat and shower. Last night was just the same, but I think he had a not so good day at work, because he was in a not so great mood. He like to detail cars, so he was finishing up the car he is currently doing. I had dinner ready soon after , and by the time he was completely done the car, I had both kids bathed and in pjs, and I was painting Emily's toenails. All he had to do was shower and go to bed. He seemed ok after he showered, and by the time we went to be he is fine. Maybe it was all in my head, probably. I tend to over think things.

Today should shape up to be a good day. I think I am going to finish things up here at home, then we are going to head to my sisters house. Emily loves it there. She can run, scream and play as much as she wants. My sister has a basement full of toys, and a backyard with a huge swingset. She said something about getting out the sprinkler and letting the kids run around in the water. They love that! After that I have to meet TJ at his bosse house right after work. I am a little nervous, I have to drive his boss's Suburban to his house for them. It is a really nice SUV! I am not nervous to drive it, I am nervous I will love it and want one. Oh well, with the prices now adays I could probably afford one. Nobody wants to buy SUV's because of the gas prices. We'll see.... I better get going so I can get done at home. I will post later!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My First Blog!

Well.... after much consideration, I decided to follow a friend and make a blog. I figured with being home full-time with two kids, this would be my one way to let out a little steam or just say whats on my mind, and beleive me, I have a lot to say!

Well, Emily and Colin are great. They are both growing so fast, it is almost depressing. My baby girl is already 2 1/2 years old. I can't beleive it. She hasn't been to the doc lately, but I am certain she is about 30 lbs. She is so, so, so beautiful. She has curls most women pay to have, and a tan just the same. I am jealous of her skin, she has the most perfect complexion and coloring. She has quite the attitude, just like her momma. She is starting to look more and more like me, not much, but enough that I notice. Colin Michael, well he is a different child all together. He is such a little man. I can honestly say, I didn't think I could love a second child as much as I love Emily, but I do, and it is totally different. He is a momma's boy, which I don't really mind, considering Emily is a daddy's girl. He hardly cries, unless something is wrong. He whines a little when he is hungry and fusses a bit when he needs a diaper change. Other than that, he is great, he sleeps through the night, from about 9pm to 5am, which is the schedule I want him on for when we go back to work. He is a little chunker, I call him "Tubby". At his 2 month check he was 12lb 8oz. Which is 5lbs in a month and a half. He is just a beautiful as his sister, with his skin complexion and tone. I know I sound like a typical mom, but my babies are just perfect.

TJ and I are great! We are better now than we probably ever have been. Marriage is wonderful, of course we have our spats, but we try to keep them simple. We just passed our 10 year anniversary of being together and are coming up on 4 years married. I can't beleive it, 10 years. I am only 26 years old, so you do the math. We have been together for almost half my life. He is truly my soul mate, I don't think anyone else would put up with me. He is so great as daddy too. Colin smiles at him in a way that no one else can make him smile. It makes my heart melt. He is so loving and such a great husband. He supports everything I do, and never second guesses my decision. We have been through some pretty rough situations, and some pretty down times, but somehow we pulled through and made the best of it. I could never imagine my life without him. Sometimes I wonder how people start over after so many years. I could not imagine sharing my intimate moments with someone else, sharing my feelings and thoughts with anyone other then him. He makes me laugh when all I want to do it cry, he makes me smile when I want to be angry, he makes me who I am today, and I am proud to have him as my husband.

I go back to work on Sept. 2, and I can't wait. I have been off work since May 23, and I am soooo ready. Between being bored and not having any money, timing couldn't be better. I still get paid, but it is about 1/3 of my normal pay, but it is hard to make ends meet with that. We have survived our first summer of less pay, and we will survive more summers to come. We will be more prepared for it next time. This summer has been great other than that. We welcomed Colin in May, we went to the mountains for the first time on July 4th, we went back to the mountains on Aug 1st, and now we are getting ready to head to the beach next week. I can't wait. This will be our last hoorah before the summer is over and back to work. Things have been pretty slow other than that. We spend a lot of time with my sister and her kids, and sometimes with my brother and his daughter. We have been to the pool in Quarryville a few time, which is always a lot of fun. We have went to our friends house a few times for dinner, and that is always a good time. They have a little girl the same age as Emily, and a son a little younger. They are now expecting twins in Dec. TJ and him have been friends since high school. TJ was in their wedding. I have become very good friends with her as well. Funny how things change when you get married and have kids. She and I knew each other in high school, but never spoke or hung out. Now that we are married, we have both changed so much, and have much more in common, especially with our kids. It is sometimes nice to know I am not the only women who needs a break sometimes. They have really done a lot for us, especially when we were pregnant with Colin. I am excited to get back to work, so I can afford to do the same for them, especially with two on the way. I am super excited for them, they are such great parents. God blessed her with two more babies because he knew she could handle it, me on the other had, I don't think I could handle it so well. We are actually having dinner with them this weekend. We like going there because we don't have many friends, and it is nice to hang out with people other than my family.

I guess I have made this long enough..... I have had to stop a few times, but my thoughts just keep coming. I think I am going to enjoy this blog. I will post again later.....