Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I keep trying!

I have not been really good with posting, but I am trying. It is really hard to find time to sit down and type without someone needing something or wanting something or crying or whining......etc. Summer break is already boring. I am ready to go back to work. Everyone else in the world is working, so it is pretty lonely through the day, and by the time TJ gets home he just wants to relax.

I took our cat today to get fixed. He should be home this afternoon, but Emily was hysterical when we left him. She is afraid he won't come back. Later this morning we are going to head up to Target and the Outlets. I desparately need a swim suit. As much as I don't want to buy one, I need it for the pool. I am hoping to find something simple and cheap at Target. I am also thinking about buying a new stroller from Target. We saw it a couple weeks ago and we loved it. We are walking alot, and have a few day trips planned, so we really need a good comfy stroller for Colin. Em won't ride in a stroller, she is a big girl, as she says. We'll see if the have it and maybe it will be on sale.

We are counting down the days to go back to the mountains. We love it up there, and we are going up for July 4th. We leave on Thurs and come home on Sunday. I can't wait. I just love the peace and tranquility. At night, it is almost as if you can touch the stars. I could just sit there and wish on every star. The kids love it for the four wheelers, so do the guys, but I love the care-free way of living.

So we are trying to buy a house, UGH..... what a joke. With the economy now-a-days, mortgage companies want you to be completely debt free and have a ton of money down. We are just about completely debt free, but we don't have a whole lot of cash to put down. We finally got our pre-approval letter and everything was great, well that changed fast. The broker we used assumed we were selling TJ's motorcycle, which we mentioned we could if we had to. He just assumed we sold it, and the pre-approval is contingent on us selling the bike. TJ wants to sell it anyway, but now we are in a crunch. We had a couple lined up, everything was set, and they backed out at the last minute. I am starting to completely lose hope in buying a house. Now we are listing his bike on Craigs list to see if we can sell it there. Keep your fingers crossed and pray for us. We really need to get out of our apartment, the kids need more space.

Better go for now, hope to blog more soon!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Schools out for the summer!

I can't beleive another school year has passed, and I don't even have children in school yet. Driving bus is going great, although I am ready to be off for 9 weeks. Last summer was a challenge for us, with Colin being born, and not having a whole lot of money. This summer should be excellent. We spent the whole year getting our finances in order, and Colin is already a year old. Today is my first day of summer break, and I already feel like I am going to be bored. Today we have to run to the vet for food for Spike, and then Colin has a 1pm doc appt. That should be fun, he is getting shots today. We have been pushing this appt off, he keeps running a fever when he is supposed to get shots, but not today.
I have not posted in so long, and honestly too much has happened to talk about, so I will only pick the important things. Colin turned one on May 26th, and Emily turned 3 on March 2. I can't beleive it. They are so big already. Where have my babies gone? I miss the little itty bitty babies I brought home from the hospital. Honestly, they are so much fun now, a handful, but fun. Colin is walking and talking (pretend), he has 5 teeth, and he is so much like his sister. Emily is, wow, she is just Emily. She is unique, fun, feisty, smart, sassy. I could go on forever. She is all me, but looks like TJ. She is so smart, I can't wait to get her into school. We have decided not to send her to pre-school, we will just work extra hard with her, then kindergarten. We'll see, maybe we will send her to little camps and things.
I gotta go for now, but I will update again tonight or tomorrow!