Friday, January 16, 2009

Seriously.... is it really Mid-January!

I can't beleive how fast time really goes. It is so crazy. It almost seems like I blink, and, BAM... it is 2009 already. This year started out slow, but quickly became a blur. Now we are starting birthday season in our family. Let's see if I can get them all... Melissa 1/4, TJ 1/5, TJ Mom 1/15, TJ dad 1/23, Jake 1/30, Michael 2/2, Jeffrey 2/17, My baby girl 3/2, Mom 3/11, Kelly 3/14, Darian 3/??, Judy 4/5, Jenn 5/20, My handsome little man 5/26, Jeff 6/23. See I told ya, birthday season, me, Bella, my dad and Josh are the only winter babies in our family! I can't beleive that my girl is going to be 3....... so sad. I hate to see you grow up in this world. I just want to keep her tucked under me for a while. I have to say, for 3, she is extremely smart, and beautiful, funny, sassy..... I could go on forever. My Colie will be 1. Where did the last year go. He is already 8 months, pushing 21 pounds. He is so handsome, he melts my heart. I can't wait for this year, the kids are already so much fun, and I am sure it will only get better.

Colin has been really sick lately. It has kinda dragged on for a few weeks, and now it is just horrible. I feel so bad for him. He has had this cough for a few months, it comes and goes. Well this time it has stayed and progressively gotten worse. He is cough so bad, and not sleeping, and running really high fevers. He has been to the doctor twice in a matter of 13 days. He is on his second antibiotic for double ear infections. He is on Albuterol, for his lungs and coughing. He is on a tylonel regimen for the high fevers and any pain he might be in. I feel like I am doping my poor son up, but it is the only thing that works. He is totally not sleeping at night, and TJ and I are beyond exhausted. Of course, we signed up for this job, but noone ever said it was easy. This weekend is strictly a pajama and slipper weekend, nothing but vegging and being lazy. We are going to sleep when we want and play when we want. We are not leaving our home all weekend, especially with these negative degree windchills. I had to drive bus in this crap, and let me tell you, noone knows how cold it is until they experience this weather at 5am on a cold bus. PURE HELL, only cold, LOL! TJ took off work today to keep the kids off the bus in this cold, especially with Col being sick. He is such a great husband, but I will keep all that for another blog entry.

Gotta go, motherhood is calling. Will post later, ha ha, hopefully!