Sunday, March 20, 2011


I posted something on Facebook a few years ago, and I have wanted to post it again, see if anything changed. Here are 25 random facts about me. It is actually harder then I thought to come up with 25 random things, but I am going to try.
1. TJ and I have been together for almost 13 years, When I am 40 we will have been together more then half my life.
2. I think my children are beyond gorgeous, perfect, smart and extremely misbehaved LOL!
3. My siblings are my best friends. I talk to my brother daily and my sister several times a day.
4. My mom knows more about my personal life then most parents would care to know, but I talk to her about everything.
5. I miss my grandfather everyday, every minute. It has been 12 long years without him.
6. I am scared to send my daughter to kindergarten, I am afraid I won't be cool enough for her anymore.,
7. I long for another baby, but know deep down we are probably done with 2.
8. I have control issues that I can't seem to fix. I have tried and can't
9. My dream is to become a party planner (professionally). I love planning parties and watching them come to life. Weddings would be super cool.
10. I have no order when it comes to money. I am horrible with budgets and can't save money to save my life.
11. I kiss my children a gazillion times a day and tell them I love them even more. I don't ever want them to doubt my love.
12. I can't sleep when my bed is under a window.
13. I can't stand when there is laundry in the basket to be washed. I do laundry everyday so I don't see it.
14. I am obsessed with Facebook, it is almost my only adult interaction daily.
15. I am extremely overweight and can't seem to fix it. I have been trying and it is not working.
16. I don't blog nearly as much as I would like to.
17. I am so in love with my husband it sometimes hurts, in a good way.
18. I am from a family of alcoholics and don't drink much because I am scared of it.
19. I can't take Nyquil, It makes me sleep to hard.
20. I drive a 72 passenger school bus for a living, as much as I love my students, I HATE MY JOB.
21. I will talk to a complete stranger at the store if they seem friendly, TJ tells me I am too friendly.
22. I have no regrets from my past, other then money choices, and I beleive that my past is what makes me who I am today.
23. I consider on of my husbands ex-girlfriends, actually it's probably his first love, as one of my good friends. We don't speak in person, but on Facebook all the time and I value her opinion and enjoy reading her blog.
24. We bought a house 2 years ago, as much as I love my home, I miss renting. Owning is not all it's cracked up to be.
25. I have two best friends, neither of which have met each other, they are exact opposites in their personalities, have nothing in common, but I love them both dearly.