Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Hate Waiting.....

We if you read my facebook page, you know that we are trying to buy a house. This will be our first house, and had I know it would take this long and this much work, I probably would have found a rental. It is not all bad. We have the BEST realtor, and our finance guy is awsome, its just the bank. Banks don't want to give money to anyone right now, especially people like us who don't have the absolute best credit. We have good credit, just not the best. We have given them all our paperwork, all our stubs, our w2's, our EVERYTHING it feels like. They have had it for about a week now, and we still don't have an answer. We haven't even been able to put a bid on the house or a deposit to hold it. Out finance guy want to firm everything up before he puts his name on it. He doesn't want us to get excited and think everything is great until it is. I understand, I just want out of this apartment. It sucks. We love our landlord, we love our neighbors, but we need more space! We need a yard and the kids need their own rooms and we need our space. This apartment has been great to us, and we hate to leave, but we have to start somewhere. We found the house that we want, want want. It is a a smaller house, with a huge yard. It is 3 bdrm, but the master is on the first floor and the others on the second. I am a little nervous about that, but we will make it work. We need to get Em used to sleeping in her own bed anyway. She still climbs in our bed at night. It has two full baths, but the one only has a stall shower and the other only has a HUGE garden tub. So it works for us. We will shower and the kids will bathe, plus I can bathe, for that matter it is so big we could all bathe together and probably invite the neighbors for a swim. The house need some work, but that is exactly what we want, it is laid out a little different, but we can make changes as we go. The second floor is only on half of the house, so our goal is in a year or two, we would like to add a complete second floor and move the master upstairs and open up the down stairs. We both love the house and we are really praying and hoping we get it. I would love to get in the new house before I go back to work, but that has pretty much went out the window, oh well.... just as long as we get in. Keep praying for us and keep your fingers crossed. We need all the prayers we can get.

The kiddos..... oh boy. That is all that comes to mind right now. My baby boy is already one, no so much a baby anymore. He started walking right after his first birthday, and now he is crazy. He is all over, and almost keeping up with her. She is 3 1/2 and I can't beleive my eyes. She is gorgeous, she has the perfect complexion, the perfect "crazy" hair. She is sooooo sassy, but honestly, she is all ME! I hate to say it, but I created her and she takes after me, smart mouth, attitude, sass, humor everything. My kids are growing up right before my eyes and I can't stop them. It almost makes me want one more, but we just aren't sure yet. I love having little ones, but I am just starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Em is completely out of diapers, except bed, and Colin is only getting two bottles a day, of milk not formula. Before I know it, he will be potty training and then that's it. I don't know if I am ready to pull the bottles and formula out again, and if I want to start buying more diapers again. I am starting the feel a little bit of freedom from them. They are so independant. They both feed themselves, so I finally get a hot dinner with my family. They both pretty much can tell me when something is wrong. They play so well on their own, I am not constantly trying to entertain them. We'll see, maybe in a year or two we'll make a final decision.

Yesterday we had a great play date with my cousin and her kiddos. That was so nice. We don't ever get to catch up, so it was a nice mommy day too. The kids played pretty good together. I think if we saw each other more often, the kids would have been great. Today we have a play date with Lindsay and the kids. I love going there. Grace and Em play so well together and Evan is really good with Colin. I enjoy seeing Lindsay, she is always very supportive and helpful. I always get such great ideas from her. I think this weekend we are going to head to the craft store to buy some of the things Lindsay recommends. Emily loves going there because there is always something fun to do. I can also talk to her about Matt's job.

TJ is hunting for a new job. SWI sucks, or should I say the new owners suck. Since TJ's boss died in March, it has taken a rapid spiral downward. The boys are greedy and only think for themselves. Anywho.... TJ talked to Matt, and I think when his company hires again, TJ is going to apply. We need a change. It will be a challenge, and it will take a lot to get used to, but we need to do what's best for our family. The money would be so much better, and the schedule might actually help the kids being on the bus. We hope we hear something soon. Keep your fingers crossed.

I better wrap this up, the kids are looking for lunch now, since they were up eating breakfast at 6am (not my choice). I will try to keep up on this, I know I am not very good at it, but I will try.