Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I just can't keep up

I know it's been so long since my last post. I try so hard to keep up with this, but I just can't. There has been so much going on in the last few months, and I know I am not going to be able to hit everything, but I am going to give it a try. I will also try to keep up with my blogging. It really does make me feel better, almost as if I am venting to a good friend, but instead I am typing for anyone to read or comment. Ok well here goes......

In March, Trey Allen Toaltoan, my brother-in-law was killed. He was TJ's younger brother from his dad. He was a sweet, caring, passionate young man, whose life was taken way too early. he turned 22 on January 6, and has so many plans for his future. To make a long story short, he was in Coatesville and was shot as part of a gang retaliation against his cousin, with whom he was staying with for a few days. He was shot from behind, the bullet went through his thorax, which as we understand was instant. He is missed so much by so many people, especially his dad. They don't have anyone in custody yet, but they seem to know who did it. I keep praying they find the shooter and get him off the streets. Trey you are so loved and missed by every person who had the pleasure to know you. May god keep you in his arms until we meet again!

TJ and his dad have become much closer since the whole thing with his brother, and I must say it is kinda nice finally having in-laws. TJ's mom is NOT part of our life, she hasn't seen or spoke to my kids in over 6 months, so that to me means she doesn't deserve a chance. His dad and step-mom love our kids and us with no end. They support us no matter what and are always there to help when we need it. We love then as well, which makes it so easy to spend time with them.

My baby boy...... he is turning 2 tomorrow. I can't beleive two years ago I was ginormous, ready to pop. I can't beleive my baby is 2 already, I can't beleive what a handsome little stinker he is. He has a face that could light up any room. He make so many different expressions, I have a hard time disciplining him because he makes me smile. It make me sad as well. He is growning up way too fast. I miss my little snuggle boy, now he won't even lay with me to snuggle. He is now weighing in at 30lbs and he is definitely all boy!

My Emily...........Oh she is 4 going on 17. Somehow overnight she has turned into this mature young lady, who knows everything and won't take no for an answer. I beleive she has left those terrible twos behind and beginning the next stage. She is becoming far more of a help, she listens way better, she understands more and wants to learn everything. She starts preschool in fall. She is soooo excited, not me. I am not ready to let her go. She is so beautiful and she knows it. She has the complexion and body women would die for. She has gorgeous hair and these deep dark eyes that just make you melt. I can't beleive next summer we will be preparing for kindergarten, I am definitely not ready for that. It scares me to not have her with me all the time. It will be a hard adjustment for all of us.

TJ has been looking for a new job forever now. He is just done with his current job, it's crazy how things can change in a company so fast. It's like the owners don't care about the employees anymore. They don't want to pay them or take care of them, nor do they appreciate them. He went for a tour of UPS in Lancaster, but that is only part-time and not enough pay. He just went for an interview for another job in Sadsburyville. The interview went well and he is supposed to go back this evening for a second interview and a tour. Please, please, please pray that he gets this job. It will be hard for us because it is night shift, but we are willing to make that sacrifice for his sanity and dignity. I am keeping my fingers crossed, hopefully the next time I blog I will have good news to spread.

This weekend is a big weekend for us. We are having a HUGE, did I say GIGANTIC picnic. We are celebrating our Housewarming and Colin's 2nd Birthday all at one shot. So far I have 65 people definitelly coming, and another 20 maybes. It's going to be great. We got a moonbounce for the kids, a pool/slide thingy, beer, food, food and more food. We have done so much work to the house, I can't wait to show it off. All our closest friends and family are going to be here to help us celebrate and it's going to be a blast. I will blog about it afterwards. The weather is supposed to be 75*, sunny and gorgeous. I am so excited, I feel like a little kid again!

This school year is almost over, only 17 more days left. I am really excited about that. This school year has been especially hard for some reason. My kids are the same and they are all great. I am sad because one of my high-schooler, actually my favorite is graduating this year and I will miss him. He is such a great kid and he is so sweet to Emily. We will both miss him. Looking forward to my 9 week vacation. I need it and so do my kid.

I have more to say, but my time limit is up. I made sure I had 30 minutes to catch up, but I lost some of that due to potty breaks for me and Emily and cartoon crisis.
I will definitely try to keep up a bit better now, and with summer coming I should be able to.