Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday, Sunday!

This week has been a fun-filled, chaotic week. We had a busy day on Monday taking Colin to the doc, and then the weekend was full of events. Yesterday we had a playdate and dinner with Matt, Lindsay, Grace and Evan. The girls always seem to have a hard time warming up to each other, but by the end of the night it's not tooo bad. They are girls, and of course they want to play with the same things. It was fun, they played with Playdoh, which Emily has never played with. She loved it, and I think we are going to get her some for home. We got to see Lindsay and the growing babies in her belly. She looks great, especially for carrying twins.

Today we went to a party for TJ's real dad's parents. They just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. 50 years, wow! TJ and his real dad don't really have a relationship, and have had a hit or miss couple years. It was really nice to see his dad and his girlfriend, as well as meet all his uncles and cousins. Everyone was so nice and loving, and the love between his grandparents is unreal. They are still sooo in love after all those years. It really did turn out to be great. We were both really hesitant on going, and in the long run, it was a great decision. I am glad we went, and so is TJ.

In the middle of the week I got a call about my second cousin. My cousin, Kimmy, passed away. She is actually my second cousin, and she was only in her early 30's. She was diagnosed with breast cancer about 3 years ago, when her twins were born. She used a lot of medical help to get pregnant. They tried for years using IVF. Finally she got pregnant with twin boys. After having the boys she was having troubles breast feeding. After many doctor appts, they did a mammogram and found the cancer. After several treatments, she finally had a double mastectomy, and a complete hysterectomy (sp?), they also found possible cancer in her uterus and ovaries. After a short battle, they thought she was in remission. Then just a last year, the cancer was back, and just in the past 6 months they found several tumors on her brain stem, all of which were inoperable. She has been completely bed ridden for months, and almost comotose in the past few weeks. On Thursday at 4:15 she passed away. I didn't know her very well, she lived near the city, on the main line. She was happily married with two beautiful baby boys, about 4 years old. I am just devastated, not because I knew her, because she left behind such an incredible life. I know, everyone always says, it's all a plan, but what kind of plan is that. Her boys will never know what a loving, exceptional mother they had. They are too young to remember now. I just don't understand, I guess I never will.

I really hope this week starts and ends on a good note. Of course it is Halloween week, wahoo. We are dressing Emily up as a ballerina. Lindsay's mom makes this cute little tu tu's and I am getting one for Emily. I can't wait!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So Much!

Well, again, it has been way too long since my last blog. I couldn't sum everything up in enough space, it would take days. I just have a couple things. Things have been really crazy lately, crazier then normal. Work is busy for TJ, which is odd considering the market right now. The bus is the same, and home is, well, home! The kids are doing good. We had a little snaffoo with Colin, but it seems to be ok. Since birth he has problems with his bowels. He just can't go normally. He has been completely dependant on Miralax, since about 2 weeks old, by docs orders. We finally went to see a GI Specialist at CHOP. He was great, and ordered a couple text. One being a blood test to check his thyroid, and the other being a Barium Enema. The blood test was simple. He sat there like such a brave little man, never really cried when the put the needle in. We went for the BE yesterday in King of Prussia. That was really not too bad. They put a small tube in his rectum, and pumped his bowels full of a water based liquid and took a bunch of x-ray pictures. The doc there said everything looked fine. Again, my little man never even cried. He was such a champ. The x-ray tech said she has never seen an adult, let alone a baby take the enema so well. He was excellent. Everything was great then, but the saying what goes in must come out, is an understatement for our afternoon. He pooped so much in a short amount of time, and mostly liquid. I changed his outfit 3 times, and ran out of diapers and wiped. Thank Goodness my neice wears the same size. I never need to steal them from my brother, because we never made it on our bus. He was just going and going and going so much, I had to call out for the afternoon. We are better now, just waiting on a call from the GI Specialist at CHOP to call us with the next step. We'll see, I just wish he could go like normal.
Emily has been great. She is getting smarter by the day. She is like a grown women, in a 2 year-old body. She is starting to become more of a girly girl. She likes her nails painted, and now we have to blow out her hair (it looks really cute straight), and she likes when mommy puts blush on her cheeks. She is so full of energy, and honestly she keeps me on my toes. She has a new comment every day. She is full of imagination, and happiness. I love listening to her play, and hear the way she talks. I could go on for hours on end about my baby girl. She is truely a blessing and I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.
We've had a couple rough weeks lately with so many aspects of life, and it seems to be getting better. Money of course, is always a rough part. We are surviving, just a little nervous for Christmas, but we will make it work like always. I can't wait, this year should be fun with Emily.
Our friends are expecting twins soon, I hope later. She has been having quite a bit of trouble lately. I just wish there was more I could do. She has two little ones already, and is only about 7 weeks from her full-term date. She has been having contractions and dilations in the past week or two. I really hope those babies can hold out a little longer. I think they will be just fine either way, but I am sure mommy would feel better if they could wait just a few more weeks. She looks great though, considering. I know she probably doesn't think so, but she really does. We are supposed to have dinner with them on Saturday, babies willing! I hope we do, we always have a good time.
I better go for now, babes are going to start getting hungry. I will post soon!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Trying to keep up!

It's Sunday, and I am sooo sad the weekend is already coming to an end. I enjoy my weekends so much, especially considering that is the only time TJ and the kids get to spend quality time. Today we have dinner at my parents house for my dads birthday. He turned 50 on thursday. I love going to their house for dinner. Emily has so much fun running around and playing with pop-pop. They have a basketball net, a big driveway to ride bikes and a huge yard. I haven't really seen my parents since the party two weeks ago. That is not usual for us, I usually see my mom at least twice a week, but things have just been crazy. I know Emily misses her pop-pop.
Yesterday we went to the Christiana Fire Co. Auction. I had a good time, and I didn't even buy anything. I got a couple little crafts for $10. I was so proud of myself, I have a history of spending way too much money there. Emily played hard all day, which was nice for last night. Then we drove to Lancaster for nothing, TJ wants a pair of sneakers, but can't find any. The we hung our at my sisters for a while. Our cousin, that we don't ever see, came up out of the blue. He lives in the Philly area. He is such a great guy, and is great with the kids, he just hasn't been dealt the best hand. I love him, and he is finally getting somewhere with things. I am so proud of him for everything he has done.
I think Colin is getting sick all over again! UGH! He took his antibiotic, and it went away. Now, a week later, the cough is coming back. We'll see. He goes to the doctor for his 4 month visit (I know a little late) this week, so we'll see then.
Gotta go, the kids are in rare form, and TJ is ready for a break, ha ha ha! I will post more when I have time!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

B***H Session!

I am at a point in my life where I think about so many things daily. It is driving me crazy, and the local news right now is not helping me. I am so afraid of my husband losing his job. I know that this financial crisis does not effect us right now, but eventually it could. His company is all about home remodeling, renovations and new construction of homes. What happens when the housing market completely crashes? Where does that leave his company? I know I am thinking to far into it at this point, but we have two children, we were looking forward to shop for a house in the spring, and now what? I can't even type fast enough to keep up with my mind about this, so that is it for this!
I don't know who watches the news, but I don't get many opportunities. I finally got to watch the other day, and I watched a broadcast of my worst nightmare. A week or so ago, a house caught fire in Coatesville city. There was 5 people in the house, including 3 kids. Unfortunately the rescue efforts were not fast enough, and the 3 children parished. I was devastated. I didn't know the family, but my heart broke for them. I wished there was something I could do. It was a women's only two children and her brother. It brings tears to my eyes right now just thinking about it. Not only did I feel for her, I kept putting myself in the position. At this point I fear putting my kids to bed, because of the "what if?". I could not go on without my children. Ok, now I have to move from this subject as well, it is just toooo hard to think about!
Well this week has been one bad day after another. Yesterday topped to cake! My work day was horrible, and I won't get into that, noone would understand. On the way home I must have run over a bolt and it caught in my tire. I pulled over when we heard this clunking noise. It didn't blow my tire, but it was big enough that you could hear it when my wheel went around. So I called TJ, of course he is angry, as if I did it on purpose. He came to put my spare on, and the spare was really low on air. Needless to say, he was irate at this point, the kids are screaming, we are arguing, and can't drive the car to get air. Thank god my brother-in-law has a portable air compressor. I took the kids home in TJ's truck, while he waited for Jeff. When I got home Emily was throwing a tantrum because we left her daddy. Long story short, what started as a bad day quickly became a horrible, ugly, unbearable day! So he called me today to tell me that the tire can't be fixed, and a new tire, mounted and balanced would cost $125. I tell ya, the more steps you take ahead, you take double steps backwards. We were finally starting to get caught up from summer, and now this. Whatever, it's not like I had a choice, and complaining isn't going to make it better. Just wondering when the tiny little light at the end of the tunnel starts becoming a reality?