Sunday, December 28, 2008

Everything comes and goes!

It has been so long since my last post, but this month has flown by. Quite honestly, this year is a bit of a blur. So much has happened in the past 12 months, delivering Colin being the best! I am sitting here, Sunday night at 10:30, everyone else is sound asleep. I watch them as they sleep, and I want to cry. More on the lines of pinch myself to make sure it is real. My babies, all three, Tj included, are my life. I don't know what I would do without them. They keep me on my toes, and give me more then enough reason to open my eyes every morning. I have heard on so many occasions of people abandoning their families, moms leaving their kids, dads leaving, people abusing their spouse or child. I could not imagine. I thank god every day that I don't have to live like that. I have a husband who loves me unconditionally, and the most beautiful children ever. I just hope they know how much I love them, especially TJ.

On to a different subject....
Christmas has come and gone, and boy that was sooo fun. Emily was so much fun this year. She finally understood what was going on. Of course, as soon as she opened one thing, she wanted to open it completely and play with it for awhile. She was so happy with all her gifts, of course she always thinks she needs more. She got a guitar, with a real microphone that hooks on her ear. She plays music all the time know. We introduced her to PlayDoh, with a little bit of hesitation, but she plays great with it. We still have to get some presses, and more accessories, but she loves it. Colin, he was not so much fun. He was more into eating the paper she ripped off the presents. He got a lot of clothes, which is really what he needed. We go him some toys, but he has so many from the kids on my bus, and from when Em was a baby. Emily got a KidTough Portable DVD player from my parents. It is so cool , and so kid friendly. She can hit buttons and it doesn't do anything. I can't wait to try it on the bus. Oh wait..... yes I can, I am not ready to go back yet.
Speaking of my bus. My kids are awesome. I received so many great presents from all my kids. I didn't really expect much, but they went above and beyond this year. We totaled it all up, in just gift cards and money, I got over $350, plus so many little ornaments, and candles, and small gifts. Even Emily and Colin got gifts. This is really the time of year I appreciate what I do. I love my job, and they just proved why!

I am looking forward to a new year. I have many reasons, but I think I am going to start a few new things this year. I would love to lose some weight. I am very happy with my size, I would just like to tone it up. I think I might start new eating habits, not really a diet, just more of a schedule, rather then the snacking I do now. I would love to get more active and walk or something. It is really hard with two kids, and the weather, but I think I will figure something out. I would love to get a treadmill to use when the kids are occupied. We'll see..... We are going to my Uncles on New Years Eve. He lives in Maryland, and all my distant family will be there. It will be so nice to see everyone, especially a few people I haven't seen in years. I can't wait for a lot of them to meet Colin. A few of them have never met him, and some only met him when he was first born. It is always a good time when we all get together. We will probably go down there for a few hours, and try to make it home before midnight, or at least to Jenn's house to play cards or the Wii. Yep, that's right, the boys got a Wii for Christmas, and it is really cool. We were playing it tonight. We were competing on the bowling challenge. It was a lot of fun, and everyone can get involved.
We were at Jenn's for Joshua's 3rd birthday party. That is so crazy, he is already 3. Emily will be 3 soon too. I can't beleive it. Jacob will be 6, Jeffrey 9, Emily 3, and then My Colie will be 1. OMG.... that really makes me want to cry. I seriously remember the day Jeffrey was born like it was just yesterday. It is so crazy how fast time goes when you put kids into the equation. Speaking of time.... it is almost 11 now, and I should really get to bed. The kids will have me up bright and early, and we have to grocery shop tomorrow, yay! Here's to a happy, healthy, prosporous new year to everyone. Wishing you all the best!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's that time of year again!

Wow this year has flown by. I remember last Christmas like it was last week. It has gone so fast, and with Colin making his appearance and Emily growing like a weed, I can't figure out where the time went.

The last couple weeks have been crazy, as usual. We took the kids to a Christmas party, to meet Santa. That didn't go so well. Emily hated him, she screamed and cried and threw a huge fit. She wouldn't go anywhere near him, until he getting ready to leave, and she was talking to him from a distance. When you ask her what she wants from Santa she says "Purple presents, orange presents and kitty cat presents". Let me tell you, it is impossible to find purple and orange Christmas wrapping paper. So I think I am going to the birthday section for that. The kitty cat, well he made his appearance early. Santa made a special delivery for Em, and she is so happy. His name is Oswald, like the octopus cartoon, and we call him "Ozzy". He is a gray and white tiger cat, and he is about 10 weeks now. He is a cuttie, and we are happy to have him, with the exception of the dog. He is coming around, but Spike is not a fan of sharing his bed, his toys or his home. It is getting better. Emily picks Ozzy up and carries him around like he is a dolly, and she looks for him all the time. Of course, he hides very well. I will try to figure out how to post pictures on here soon!

We are just about done shopping for Christmas. We only have my neice Bella left to buy for. We are probably getting her sneakers and an outfit. She already has so many toys, and she is still too little to really understand. I found a pair of Nike shox I want to get her, but they are $50, and I just cringe at spending that on shoes she might wear for a few months. We'll see. After that, we might pick up some little odd and ends for our kids, and some stocking stuffers, but all and all we are done. We are going to try to finish today.

Tonight is a big night. We got a sitter and are going to a Christmas party. It is only a few blocks from our house, and it is free, so why not? It will be nice to be an adult and talk to adults, oh yeah, and have a cocktail. LOL! As long as the kids are in bed by 9, we will have no problem. Colin is like clock-work, at 7:30 he is ready for a bottle and bed. He will fall asleep then, and stay asleep until 7 am. Emily, as long as I don't let her take a nap, she will be in bed by 8:30, and should sleep most of the night. She has started having nightmares, about monsters and stuff. She wakes up screaming and crying. I am sure she will be fine, and we will only be gone a few hours, and we are only 2 minutes away. The couple who are babysitting for us are the best ever. They are so sweet, and I can't wait until they get married. They are perfect for each other, and they are so great with my kids. I would love to save some money and get them a really nice wedding gift, of course I have some time, I don't think the wedding is until 2010.,

I am kind of sad, I have lost a good bit of contact with our friends who just had the twins. Her life is crazy I am sure, and we are all over the place. It has just been really hard to keep up with each other. I wish it could be different, but I am sure after the holidays it will get better. She has her 4 kids and I have my 2, and we both have a lot going on. I think I will try to contact her today to see when is a good time to come see the kids.

I better go, TJ will be home at 12, and I haven't even showered yet. We are supposed to go shopping as soon as he gets home. The kids are still in their jammies, this should be a mad dash to the finish!