Tuesday, January 24, 2012

So when are you due?

Today was the first day a stranger asked me the million dollar question "so when are you due?" I was shocked. I wasn't ready for it, and when it came, I think I choked a little. I would really like to think it is not noticeable, and I would like to think it's still a secret. I guess I thought wrong. I asked her what made her say that, she said "why of course your baby bump, what else? You look great, when are you due?" Of course I told her and her reaction was priceless, she thought I was much futher along then I am. I am 13 weeks and feeling all but 8 months already. No jeans fit anymore, I can still sport my regular shirts (more because I buy them longer). I have a whooping 3 pair of maternity jeans, that are getting a work out. Yikes, if this is 13 weeks, I am scared of 30 weeks. LOL!

Now this is going to sound crazy, and I know the books all say it isn't possible, but I am pretty certain I am feeling the quickening already. I don't have gas, and I know the difference. I have felt it a few times and I am certain, but of course it's been 4 years since I felt a baby move. I feel like I am crazy. To all the mommas of three or more, is it possible? I don't go to the doc again till Feb 2, so I will feel crazy until then. I was told by my mid wife everything will happen much earlier with the third, that has shown true for my belly bump, but not sure if movement is included in that statement. Please help.

Ok, off to my parents for dinner!

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