Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Introducing..... Jaxon Robert Toaltoan

It is two weeks later and I am still in shock that he is here already. I can't believe I am no longer pregnant and that I have this beautiful little boy to look at all day everyday! I want to share his birth story, for other moms who are facing a subsequent cesarean, or just so I can relive it again!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012, we awoke at 5am (not with a big smile), and started the day that would forever change our family! We had to be at the hospital by 6:30am, as I was first on the list to have my surgery. We had hoped he would make his appearance earlier, but he decided August 1st was a good birthday to have. Luckily my sister Jenn kept the kiddos overnight, so they didn't have to endure the early wake up and the long day. We left the house at 5:40, stopped at Wawa, and headed to the hospital. After arriving we waited, it was horrible, for 20 minutes. Not sure why, but we checked in and waited. Finally they called my name to take me back to start my monitoring, but told TJ he couldn't join me for a bit. I was so upset, but I managed to hold it together. I went back to the pre-op area, put me on fetal monitors, took all my vitals, started my IV, had me sign all my paperwork, and got me comfy in a little room. Finally about 30 minutes later TJ was allowed to sit with me. At this point he was given his scrubs to put on when it was time, gave him a run down of what would happen and then we waited again, this time for my dr and the anesthesiologist (Bob) to come see me. By this time it was almost 8:15, only a short 15 minutes from delivery time. Finally it was time.... I was scared, I was nervous, I was excited, I was anxious, I was a mess, but kept it together as best as possible. The nurse came in and said it was time and helped me up so I could walk to the OR. TJ followed holding my hand and reassuring me it was all good. He was so strong, he was everything that I could ask for in the moment, he was a mess too, but hid it very well!

I entered the OR, alone with the nurse, who was super sweet. They put my hair cap on, then had me set up on the table. I had to sit with my feet up on a stool and my back hunched over for the spinal. The room was chilly, but not so much in temperature, I think it was the cleanliness, sterile echo of the equipment in the room. I was shivering, but again, more from fear and nerves then cold. Bob was an older man, super sweet and very personable. He started right away, it took a few minutes but soon, I felt the needle and then the warm tingly feeling running down my legs. They laid me back on the bed and the fun began. The OR was a whirlwind, people everywhere, everyone talking, not sure what all the noises were, but Bob was great, kept talking to me and reassuring me we were ok, he was very nice. Finally, after what felt like a life time, I saw TJ, and the tears flowed. I was scared, I was excited, I was ready to meet this little man. The OB finally said it was time to start, along with what seemed like a hundred other people things got quiet. Again, after what seemed like another lifetime, I could feel the pushing and pulling in my ribs and I could hear the noises of the suction and I could feel TJ's grip of my hand get tighter. Finally..... He arrived. At 9:03am, Wednesday August 1, I heard Jaxon Robert cry for the very first time, I saw his tiny little feet, his perfect little face, he round little head, his gorgeous little nose. I was instantly in love. I couldn't believe this little person just came from me. He was perfect in so many ways. I immediately sent TJ to stand with him and talk to him. I didn't wast Jaxon to feel alone. I had Bob with me, Jaxon needed his daddy. I couldn't believe how small he looked. He had a tiny little cry, but it was such an amazing sound. While the doctors finished up the surgery, TJ stayed with Jaxon. They took my guys to the recovery room a few minutes before I headed there myself. Which was a nice surprise, last time they did not join me in recovery. It was an amazing experience, going into recovery and hold my little man, while TJ held both of us. It was an embrace I will never ever forget. Jaxon weighed in at 6lbs 15oz, 21in long. He was a little peanut.  We spent the next hour or so in recovery just admiring this little man, and enjoying the quiet, alone time we had.

I was eventually transferred to my room, where TJ and Jaxon got to hang out. The nurse came in and gave Jax his first bath in our room with us to watch, she did all his post op checks in the room as well. I was feeling great, considering having major surgery. I was on cloud nine and couldn't have been happier. I knew in a few short hours I would have all three of my babies with me and I couldn't wait to introduce my big babies to their new baby brother.  It was definitely an experience I will never forget and I will cherish forever. I will try to do another post on the after surgery and the introduction of Jaxon to our family and friends.

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